• AMPHIBIA Waterproof Pouch ...


    waterproofAmphibia’s 100% waterproof pouch takes the hassle out of sport – wondering where to keep phone, keys, money etc during activities. With the pouch you can keep them on your person, fully protected from the elements. The pouch fits all smart phones – you can even take a call and use your screen through the pouch, sometimes its just handy to have the phone with you! Never worry again about electronic car keys and fearing getting them wet, or hiding them in bushes – much safer to keep them with you. The Amphibia pouch comes with a handy lanyard which means you can hang it around your neck, under a wetsuit, lifejacket etc, and its lightweight so wont weigh you down. You’ve no need to worry about safety – the pouch has 3 air tight clip-stops, which then folds and velcros closed, giving you 3 stages of protection. Dont take a chance with your valuables again – much better to have them on you, 100% protected!

    • 100% waterproof pouch protects your phone, keys and
    • Protection from water, sand, sweat and dirt
    • Light & portable, phone and screen can be used through the cover
    • Fully submersible up to 6 meters depth

  • AMPHIBIA Backpack with Waterpr ...


    waterproofSports backpack with fully waterproof pouch, loads of inner sections & pockets for your gear and option to compress/expand size of bag.

    The award winning Amphibia backpack is sturdily built and conveniently sized for sports training, but can also fit your gear for race day. Ideal for triathlon and a range of other sports, it comes with 3 main sections and lots of small pockets to segregate all your gear and one of the sections is waterproofed so it can store your wet or used gear and not leak into the rest of the bag. On the inside of the big pocket there is a zipped pocket for valuables and a phone/mp3 player holder, with an exterior flap for ear plugs. A clip on the front of the bag allows attachment of helmets, runners or other bulky equipment. With outer florescent materials for safety and mesh padding for comfort, the bag has been created for the needs of athletes but is also suitable for a range of leisure activities and travel.

  • AMPHIBIA X2 Multi-Sports Shoul ...


    waterproofAward winning multi-sports bag – the X2Bag is made for triathlon transition, watersports and extreme sports.

    The X2Bag has a unique shoulder bag style which means it fits in all your gear but is still easy to place in lockers or use as carry-on luggage. The bag includes a fold-out changing mat and a detachable waterproof pouch. There are loads of pockets to segregate your gear and an equipment loop to attach your helmet or gear outside the bag. The outer materials are highly water resistant so can be used in any
    weather and the bag can be personalised with name or team logo as required.