• TST Gaiters 2000/3000 Bar ...


    Gaiters are worn over the operator´s normal safety boots. Fours adjustable straps and velcro closure secure the Gaiters in place.  Protection Level 20/30: for use at pressures up to 30,000 psi (2000 bar) in applications using a single straight jet or 43,500 psi (3000 bar) in applications using a rotating nozzle. Sold in pairs.

    Technical Description

    • Outer material: Laminated Polyamide.
    • Inner material: Polyester mesh.
    • Protective material: Special fabric containing Dyneema® fiber.
    • Seams: Taped.
    • Washing instructions: TST Special Grease Remover.
    • CE-marking: Approved according to the directive 89/686/EEC and BGR 191
  • TST Safety Boots 3000 Bar ...


    Boots 3000 feature moulded and jointed aluminum gaiters fixed to high quality slip-resistant, steel-toed safety boots. Provide excellent comfort and mobility. Conform to the standards BGR 191 and EN 345-1 99A5 S5. Mens sizes only.

  • TST Safety Gloves 500/200 BAR ...


    The TST Safety Gloves are the latest in high pressure water protection. They protect the hands from dangerous water strikes up to 7500PSI. The gloves are made with Dyneema, which is a fiber 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis. This material allows the gloves to be extremely protective, without compromising on flexibility and comfort.

    The glove come with inner nylon lining gloves to provide increased comfort for the operator.


  • TST Safety Jacket 500 BAR Size ...

    • Detachable Hood
    • Waterproof Zippered pockets
    • Adjustable Cuffs
    • CE certified against high pressure water up to 7500PSI
  • TST Safety Trousers 500 BAR Si ...

    • Detachable Suspenders
    • Bottom Waterproof Zippers for easy fit over the boots
    • Adjustable Waistband
    • CE certified against high pressure water up to 7500PSI
  • TST Work Apron 20/30 One Size ...


    • Fast and easy gear-up to maximize productivity – no fighting with numerous tangled buckles and straps.
    • Resists water and dirt – more durable than alternative suit fabric, keeps operators dry and light.
    • Manufactured with lightweight and flexible Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber1 – for maximum protection without compromising comfort and mobility.
    • Variety of suit options – perfect for every need and budget.
  • TST Work Apron 500/200 BAR One ...


    The Work Apron is designed to ensure high protection even in warmer climates where the jacket or coveralls may be too hot. The Apron is CE certified up to protect against water strikes up to 7500PSI. The Apron is conveniently adjustable around the neck and the waist. Because of these features, it comes in one size only.

    This safety apron is very lightweight and easy to move in, weighing only 1.5 pounds. It is a great alternative for frontal coverage.